Shipping Policy Changes


As the pandemic stretches on and as all of "de joy" has been taken out of the USPS, we need to change our shipping policy.  As soon as we can change it back, we will.

Domestic and International First Class Packages

Effective immediately (01 April 2021), any order that selects USPS First Class or Parcel Select ground as a shipping service and the USPS declares it lost, The Brewing Academy will NOT be responsible for replacing it. The includes First Class International. The reason is that there is no insurance on that shipping method and we cannot recoup our expenses let alone the product if it is deemed lost.  Shipping times have increased by a factor of ten EASILY.  Please be patient.  Packages have been taking upwards of a month just to go across the country and SIX months to go from the US to anywhere in the world.


As a reminder: We are not in control of whether you get charged import duties or not.  That is ENTIRELY up to your home country's government.  We have nothing to do or say about it or if it happens.  Please, please, do not blame us when your country decides to charge you $40 import duties on a $60 item.  We know it sucks, but we cannot control for it.  No, we will not mark it as a gift.

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