RCA Capacitance Electronic Discs (CED) VideoDiscs

Welcome to our RCA VideoDisc selection.  MacRorie has been collecting these for many years.  He fondly recalls watching them as a kid and even recalls an incident where everyone in his family (except him, of course) fell asleep watching "2001: A Space Odyssey."  If you do not know what an RCA CED is, this is a good place to start: CED Magic


If we have a title, it will be available for purchase.  If the shop will not let you put it in the cart, then we do not have it for sale.  We update inventory on a daily basis, so if it comes in, it will be on the site. I have tried to hide those titles not in stock, but have not quite got it correct.


These are my duplicates from my personal collection and the other collections I have purchased over the years.  I need to get the duplicates out so I can put other products in.  I have gone through and verified that these are not physically broken (caddies are not broken, discs are not physically cracked/broken), but for the VAST majority of them, I have not watched them.  We cannot guarantee playback.  Sorry, they are 40 years old and we just do not have the time.  They are, therefore, priced accordingly.  Some were shuffled out of my collection and replaced with better copies when I could find them.  We are happy to take pictures of the more expensive titles.  We will try to include specific photos where possible, but there are over 1300 discs here, so it is not likely to have a picture.  If something is very poor, we will say something prior to shipping.  If it is a two disc title, BOTH discs are included.


MacRorie will HAPPILY trade for or buy any title he does not have (they are listed below).  Just send an email (strangebrew@thebrewingacademy.net)