StrangeBrew™ is OPEN for business!


I finally pulled the trigger on putting together the stuff for the "StrangeBrew™" section of the shop.  This will contain oddities and other items that are a little less related to computers and a little more related to what makes me (MacRorie) a little weird.

We will have RCA SelectaVision (CED) discs for sale (or trade!).  We will soon have Sony PS2/PSP/PS Vita/PS3/PS4 games for sale.  We have been selling these on eBay, but now you can get them through the shop and they will be 10% less (since I do not have to pay eBay 10%, I pass it on to you!)

If you have ANY questions about StrangeBrew™ or want to trade for some of the stuff listed there, just send an email to

Thanks and stay safe!


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