Who are we?  The Brewing Academy LLC is located in Woodland, California, USA near Sacramento.  We have been in Woodland since 2015 and have been operating in one form or another since 2005.  In the past, we noticed that a lot of cool stuff came out for the Atari and the TI 99/4a and the Commodore, but that it always disappeared after awhile making it incredibly frustrating AND expensive for people to use their older computers.  So, we decided to change that1 Our belief is that we find the coolest retro stuff we can and make sure we keep it available as long as possible.  

If you have something you want to publish and/or have produced, we are your company!  Give a call (530-618-2739) or send us an email (macrorie AT thebrewingacademy DOT com)!

So, why are we called “The Brewing Academy”? Well, the original idea was to brew beer/cider and then also teach people how to make it themselves.  Fate, being what it is, did not have that in store for us.  What fate DID have in store was making “homebrew” cartridges for retro systems like the TI and Atari 8-bit computers!  That has continued since 2015 and has expanded to the Atari Jaguar, Atari 2600, & the 1088XEL computer! We still brew beer & cider, but it is only for personal & friendly consumption