16 January 2021 Update: COVID, shipping,& more!


The COVID-19 infection is slowly leaving The Brewing Academy.  MacRorie's lungs are no longer trying to actively kill him.  Our Production Supervisor, Edgard, is still symptom free and will be released from quarantine next week.  We are still waiting to hear the test results for our shipping crew.  Hopefully, they are negative and can come back sooner rather than later.

Except for the 4 order numbers listed in the pop-up, all other orders have left the building.  The last four will leave next week if I have to walk them to the USPS myself!

All new orders should be handled as normal.  If we get backed up again (since it is still only MacRorie here), we will let you know!

We still need to do inventory and re-tool the shop, so things will be slow to get back to normal, but feel free to ask ANY questions and we will get back to you as soo0n as is humanly possible.


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  • Cathryn Mataga on

    Owe, sounds like difficult times. Take care.

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