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XXX2CF3: CompactFlash HDD without using the cartridge port!

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If you are like me, you want to use your cartridge port for cartridges.  y'know, like it's named.  Now, there are devices that do a LOT of great things through the cartridge port, but if you want your hard drive out of there, then this is the device for you!

If you already have an Ultimate 1M board in your 600/800XL OR your ECI-equipped XE Atari computer, than this is the device for you!

On a 600/800XL, you will have to do 1 or 2 small modifications.  Easily done, really.  If yo installed your own Ultimate, then you can do this.

No modifications are required on ECI-equipped XE machines.  All 130XE have an ECI, some 65XE machines do.  800XE machines usually do as well.  It is plug and play!  PLUS, no more fiddling around trying to put the cartridge in the back.  The CF32ECi puts it in a vertical position for all to see!



PBI2CF3: 600XL or 800XL with an Ultimate 1MB board installed and working

ECI2CF3: 65XE (with ECI), 130XE, or 800XE with an Ultimate 1MB board installed and working

NOTA BENE:  You MUST reflash your Ultimate1M with a modified ROM in order for it to recognize the XXX2CF3.

Physical Modifications required:


600XL requires $D1XX modification (instructions included)

800XL  requires $D1XX modification & PBI power connection (instructions included)


65XE (with ECI), 130XE, or 800XE  No modifications required

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