TBA's SDrive-MAX
TBA's SDrive-MAX
TBA's SDrive-MAX
The Brewing Academy

TBA's SDrive-MAX

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This nice little unit comes in a case with an 8G microSD card full of ATR, XEX, & CAS files.  It is powered by USB (you supply the power, we supply the USB cable) and plugs into your SIO port.  Powered by Arduino UNO and an LCD touchscreen, it will replace your floppy drives and anything else you use to load files you download off of the interwebs!

Packaged with:

1 S-Drive Max in case with end of chain SIO cable

1 Stylus (to avoid fingerprints on screen)

1 8GB uSD card with selection of software (ATR/XEX/CAS)

1 printed Manual

1 USB Male A to Male B cord (any USB charger will work to provide power to your unit.  Some power strips even have USB charge ports built-in to them)

No case version is exactly the same, but without the 3D printed case.  Make your own! Get someone else to! ;-)

NOTE:  These ALSO include the circuitry necessary to play well with other devices on the SIO chain!  Order with confidence!

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