Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT!)
Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT!)
Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT!)
Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT!)
Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT!)
The Brewing Academy

Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT!)

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- 100% compatible GTIA replacement

- PAL/NTSC encoding

- Independent RGB/YPbPr/VGA and DVI outputs

- eight selectable DVI modes

- 15 loadable 18-bit color palettes

This is an add-in board that REPLACES the GTIA in all Atari computers, including the 1088XEL or XLD.  It consists of two boards: one board is inserted into the GTIA socket; the second board holds the DVI connector and is attached to the first by a ribbon cable (included).

Information and config program can be found here:

NOTE 1:  If your 8-bit is NOT socketed, you will have to de-solder the GTIA and install a 40 pin socket.

NOTE 2: If you are installing this in a regular Atari (400/800/XL/XE) OR a 1088XLD, you will either have to modify your case and/or let the connector hang out the back.

NOTE 3: If you are installing this in a 1088XEL, you will need a DVI compatible backplane (available for sale here or design your own).

NOTE 4: It will work in the 5200, and will be pre-set before shipping.  If you need to change the resolution, however, you will need an Atari 8-bit computer.

NOTE 5:  If you are planning on installing this in your Atari 800 AND you do not want to cut a huge hole in your RF shield, then you will need to be the 800 version.  Here is another way to install it in an 800 without massive drilling: CLICK ME!

NOTA BENE: Some users of the FujiNet AND Sophia have been reporting that the Sophia generates RF interference which will cause problems with the FujiNEt's WiFi reception.  Some fixes are to cover the Sophia board with RF shielding and/or move the FujiNet away from the Sophia connector.  The Brewing Academy has operated a FujiNet in an 800XL with a Sophia rev. C and, now, a Sophia 2 for many weeks/months now and have not noticed this problem.  This is NOT to say the problem does not exist.  It is saying "your mileage may vary." 

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