VBXE (Video Board XE)
VBXE (Video Board XE)
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VBXE (Video Board XE)

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Video Board XE (VBXE)

This add on board is a piggyback chip in the ANTIC socket of the Atari computer.  It will work in Any XE (130XE, 65XE, 800XE, XEGS) Atari computer and will provide RGB video out for whatever machine you install it in.  Some software is specifically written for the VBXE.

The VBXE will ALSO work in the XL series (800XL,600XL,1200XL), it just needs a different adapter to work so you can close the lid.  Other than that, everything else operates the same.

IF your machine is not socketed, you will have to de-solder the ANTIC chip and install a 40-pin socket.  This is not for the faint of heart and could result in damage to your motherboard.  If you wish to have us install it in your Atari 8-bit, please contact us.  You will need to ship us your machine as well as pay for the installation ($60.00) and return shipping.  Contact us (macrorie@thebrewingacademy.com) for details.  Additionally, you will have to provide some kind of connector.

You can purchase these directly from the producer if you wish, but I mainly provide them for the XEL/XLD machines I sell.  However, you are welcome to them for whatever use you have in mind!

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