TK-II Stereo Keyboard Replacement
TK-II Stereo Keyboard Replacement
TK-II Stereo Keyboard Replacement
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TK-II Stereo Keyboard Replacement

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NOTA BENE:  Any TK-II product is only guaranteed to work with 100% genuine (and working) Atari POKEY chips.  We have heard reports that POKEY replications that claim to be "100% compatible" are not and do not work 100% with TKII.  This is *not* a fault of the TKII, but rather of the replicated chip..

Puts the PS/2 keyboard AND Stereo Pokey in your system!

Ultimate 1M compatible, Requires an additional Pokey chip (available separately or on your own)

Regular interface is a dual keyboard input with 3.5mm stereo. Small interface is the same with a single keyboard input.  Audio output requires amplified speakers or direct connection to an amplifier (with speakers presumedly).

This involves a possible modification to your case.  Look at the connectors pictured.  The "Regular" version is the one with 2 PS/2 connectors.  Either that needs to be routed outside of your case OR you will need to put a hole in your case to fit either one.  

Also, if your POKEY is not socketed, it will require you to desolder and solder in a socket (not included).

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