TBA's SIO2PC! Slave your computer to your Atari!
TBA's SIO2PC! Slave your computer to your Atari!
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TBA's SIO2PC! Slave your computer to your Atari!

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Hello folks!

We love all the devices that you can put on your Atari, but at the end of the day, the one we like the best is the one that started not all:  The SIO2PC!

The TBA SIO2PC contains circuitry to connect your Windows of Macintosh desktop or Laptop to your Atari computer (400/800/XL/XE/1088XLD) and away you go.

TBS'a SIO2PC will allow you to:

  • Use your PC as a disk drive emulator (Run .ATR & .ATX files as well as saving files or backing up floppies to your PC!)
  • Use your PC as a tape drive emulator (Run .CAS files)
  • Use your PC as a modem
  • Use your PC as a printer (either by creating PDFs or by printing to the connected printer)
  • Use your PC to load files you downloaded from the Interwebs

Included with your TBA SIO2PC is all the software (for either Mac or Windows) you need to connect it as well as TONS of software you can use your SIO2PC to run!

Together with an Ultimate Cart, you can run all sorts of files!

What are the different versions?

  • Dual SIO:  This means it does not have to be an end of chain device.  You can put it anywhere on your SIO chain.
  • Single SIO: The HAS to be at the end of your SIO cain or on a SIO Splitter of some kind.
  • MINI: This uses a smaller board and a slightly different UART.  
  • ALL VERSIONS come with an 8gb microSD card (in a full-sized adapter) with all the files you need to run this on your Mac/Win machine AND 1000s of Atari files!

What will you need to run?

  1. A USB-micro cable to whatever type of USB port is on your Win/Mac machine
  2. You might need to download a UART driver for Windows
  3. A computer running Windows (Just about any version) or Mac OSX.
  4. You should set the RespeQt software for a DSR connection.


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