Internal Audio Board (Atari 400, 2600,  & others)
Internal Audio Board (Atari 400, 2600,  & others)
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Internal Audio Board (Atari 400, 2600, & others)

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On a lot of Atari machines, the Atari 400 computer, in particular, if you upgrade the video from the stock RF cable, you lose your audio out capabilities!  This board will allow you to easily wire your Atari 400 (or 2600 or 7800 or anything else you would like!) so that you can once again have audio out capabilities.

So far, we have only mapped out the connections for an Atari 400 computer and an Atari 2600 six switch.  We will keep getting the connections for other machines.  

NOTE 1:  Not all RF-only machines lose their audio out capabilities with video upgrades.

NOTE 2:  You will need to attach the wires from this to either a connector or some kind of video breakout box.  We sell one of those so you have an EASY connection, but it is NOT required, you can provide your own solution!

NOTE 3:  There are only three solder connections you need to make into to install this, but you will have to disassemble your machine.  This is not recommended for beginners!

Versions:  We have a stand alone version that is just the assembled board in shrink-tubing OR we have one that comes with the wires necessary to connect it to our AV BoBby.  The wires are not special (two 2" lengths of Dupont female to pig tail and one 12" length of six conductor wire).

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