Incognito with FJC's firmware
Incognito with FJC's firmware
Incognito with FJC's firmware
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Incognito with FJC's firmware

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Hey!  You!  You have an Atari 800 that you want to upgrade, but don't know what to do?  Want the Ultimate 1MB goodness in your 800?  Want an INTERNAL mass storage device?

Wait no more!  The Incognito is available in the United States.  For TBA customers I have imported some Incognitos for you to install in your 800 ***OR*** we will install it for you for a small fee!  (You must send us your machine to us to install.  We do NOT make house calls! ;-) ).  Price for installed machines does not include return shipping.  Email for details.

Also, these units have been flashed with FJC's ( sublime firmware AND he was compensated for it (I mean, not as well as he SHOULD be, but he's okay with it! ;-) )

What is the Incognito. you ask?

Feature list:

  • 4 slots for OS separate for Colleen and XL/XE mode
  • 64k of FLASH for future GUI
  • 2 slots for BASIC/CARTRIDGE
  • build in, configurable PBI CF card storage (works as PBI in XL/XE mode, and through SDX driver in Colleen mode)
  • build in FAT32 loader (SIDE) with both ATR and XEX file handling
  • SpartaDosX
  • onboard RTC
  • 1MB Axlon compatible memory expansion for Colleen mode
  • 64k/320k/576/1088k total memory available in XL/XE mode
  • up to 52k of memory in Colleen mode (configurable)

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