DreamBlaster S2 from SerdaShop
DreamBlaster S2 from SerdaShop
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DreamBlaster S2 from SerdaShop

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The DreamBlaster S2 is used in the 8-bit MIDI interface for 800/XL/XE as well as XEL/XLD MIDI interfaces,  You can use it in a variety of projects was well.  Stay tuned for more MIDI products from The Brewing Academy/


Waveblaster compatible synth module based on the SAM2695 chip (datasheet here)
Excellent for gaming, music production, sound experiments,..
Combines wavetable and FM synth sound for a high end retro sound.

  • 64-voice polyphony (without effects)
  • 38-voice polyphony + effects
  • High quality, compact size
  • CleanWave soundset
  • General MIDI compatible effects
  • 4-band stereo equalizer
  • Low power consumption, only 5V supply required (no +/- 12V)
  • Low noise audio output
  • Can be used on Waveblaster compatible soundcards
  • Can be used for electronics projects, such as arduino, raspberry pi, midibox,...
  • Very small size, ideal for building into projects : 24mm x 34mm
  • SAM2695 MIDI specifications and chip datasheet : click here.
This board is intended for testing, education, development, and usage in custom projects and prototypes.
Cheap but brilliant replacement for the more and more becoming less available GM-daughterboards like famous Roland SCB-7 or Yamaha DB50XG.

Compatible with any soundcard that has a Waveblaster connector : SoundBlaster 16, Audician 32, ESS AudioDrive, Aureal Vortex 2 and many others.
Please note: There are some older soundcards with a Waveblaster compatible header but don‘t have an MPU401 interface. Instead there is only the SoundBlaster MIDI standard supported so the games that run with the S2 module are limited. You can use SoftMPU to emulate the MPU401 interface in this case. Visit http://bjt42.github.io/softmpu/ for further information and a list of compatible games.

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