Ultimate 1MB Upgrade
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Ultimate 1MB Upgrade

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      Ultimate is one of the best ATARI 8bit internal upgrades ever, invented by Sebastian Bartkowicz aka Candle`o`Sin.  Installation of this upgrade can take 5 minutes or it can take two hours.  Depends one f your machine is socketed or not.

     It's easy, it's simple, it's FUN! Now it's 100% "safe and sound." Of course, what would be a bundle of wires without software support ?

  Here at The Brewing Academy, we ONLY sell the Ultimate 1MB upgrade with Jon "FlashJazzCat" Halliday's firmware already installed.  He is compensated with EVERY unit by TBA directly.

I use these primarily for 1088XEL & 1088XLD builds, but you can put them in your XL/XE machine as well.  If you are looking for something like this for your 800, look >HERE<


  • As solderless as possible (only RW, PHI2, HALT and RESET lines need soldering when MMU and OS rom are socketed) 
  • fully flashable SpartaDOS-X with up to 320kbytes for its purposes
  • Real Time Clock module for SDX with battery backup and NVRAM
  • fully flashable 4 OS ROM slots
  • hardware WRITE PROTECT for the whole Flash array
  • configurable memory expansion with 4 modes of operation (disabled, 320k RAMBO, 578k COMPY SHOP, 1088k RAMBO)
  • customizable BASIC and MISSLE COMMAND slots (also flashable)
  • compatible with all XL/XE machines (600XL needs 64kB of RAM first)

Inside BOX :

  • high quality Ultimate BOARD 
  • HARTING MMU ADAPTER 20 IDC Female cable
  • 4pin connection cable
  • fitting items

NO installation manual is included, but you can reference Lotharek's site >HERE<

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