Ultimate 1MB Upgrade
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Ultimate 1MB Upgrade

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      Ultimate is one of the best ATARI 8bit internal upgrades ever, invented by Sebastian Bartkowicz aka Candle`o`Sin.  Installation of this upgrade can take 5 minutes or it can take two hours.  Depends one f your machine is socketed or not.

     It's easy, it's simple, it's FUN! Now it's 100% "safe and sound." Of course, what would be a bundle of wires without software support ?

  Here at The Brewing Academy, we ONLY sell the Ultimate 1MB upgrade with Jon "FlashJazzCat" Halliday's firmware already installed.  He is compensated with EVERY unit by TBA directly.

FJC has written an extensive user manual here: CLICK ME

I use these primarily for 1088XEL & 1088XLD builds, but you can put them in your XL/XE machine as well.  If you are looking for something like this for your 800, look >HERE<


  • As solderless as possible (only RW, PHI2, HALT and RESET lines need soldering when MMU and OS rom are socketed) 
  • fully flashable SpartaDOS-X with up to 320kbytes for its purposes
  • Real Time Clock module for SDX with battery backup and NVRAM
  • fully flashable 4 OS ROM slots
  • hardware WRITE PROTECT for the whole Flash array
  • configurable memory expansion with 4 modes of operation (disabled, 320k RAMBO, 578k COMPY SHOP, 1088k RAMBO)
  • customizable BASIC and MISSLE COMMAND slots (also flashable)
  • compatible with all XL/XE machines (600XL needs 64kB of RAM first)

Inside BOX :

  • high quality Ultimate BOARD 
  • HARTING MMU ADAPTER 20 IDC Female cable
  • 4pin connection cable
  • fitting items

NO installation manual is included, but you can reference Lotharek's site >HERE<

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