BOBby: Atari Video Break Out Board
BOBby: Atari Video Break Out Board
BOBby: Atari Video Break Out Board
BOBby: Atari Video Break Out Board
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BOBby: Atari Video Break Out Board

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We have developed an easy way to connect your favorite video and audio upgrades out of your Atari (or really ANY) computer/console.  It has connections for LUMA, CHROMA, Composite Video, and S-video.

Connection to the UAV and Audio Board is via easily found female dupont connectors (included).  We also include a length of 7 conductor wire (about 1 foot) for easy connections to the UAV/Audio & BoBby.

This is a PERFECT companion to our 400 Internal Audio Board & UAV.  It can also be easily adapted for any situation where you are running audio/video wires out of machine and need to connect it to standard RCA jacks and an S-Video connection.

BoBby provides the following connections:

  • Video:  Chroma, Luma, & Composite Video (Three separate RCA jacks)
  • Video: S-Video (via standard 4 pin DIN)
  • Audio: Right & Left Channels (2 separate RCA jacks)

NOTE:  Right and Left audio requires some kind of Stereo device (Dual POKEY, COVOX, etc)

Need an internal audio board and a UAV?!?  Look for our handy package!

Why do we call it Bobby and not Bob? Well, there is a larger version for the 1088XLD that will be coming out soon.  That board got to be named BoB.

Pictures of case are prototype.  Expect case to be a little more refined. We use old bicycle tires for our prototype 3D prints (no, not really).

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