64k SRAM Module for XL/XE computers
64k SRAM Module for XL/XE computers
64k SRAM Module for XL/XE computers
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64k SRAM Module for XL/XE computers

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NOTE: This Installation requires a modicum of skill.  However, due to the nature of electronics, NO RETURS/REFUNDS will be accepted on this item.

SRAM MODULE is Lotharek's first step to help ATARI owners to repair their computers home, as in most of the cases  faulty is dynamic ram

  • replaces base ram of 64KB in all 8bit ATARI
  • replaces broken DELAY LINE chip in XL computers and many more ICs - refer to schematics down the page
  • upgrades ram in 600XL to 64KB
  • PCB thickness is 0,8mm

Inside BOX:


Step by step: 

  • REMOVE old RAM CHIPS ( hint: not necessary actually; if your ram does not get hot, You can remove resistors on data lines to ram and keep ram chips intact) 
  • Connect CI point at sram module  to  CAS_INHIBIT SIGNAL (for example MMU pin 16)
  • install SRAM MODULE under MAIN CPU; insert CPU to SRAM MODULE
  • ready :-)
  • EXT - connection to Extension Select is not needed to resurect atari, but sme upgrades may needed: Rapidus or connected to PBI.  Please, refer to chematic of Your computer. 
  • PIN 1 is below EXT hole; bottom left at below picture.



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