Winter Holidays & all that


That time of year is here!  Where we find out if the world economy is still tied to Santa's rear end (with apologies to Lewis Black for stealing his material)!

As we mentioned in October, we will be closed from 17 December (Friday) until 27 December (Monday).  That is 10 days.  If your order comes in during that period, it will not be packed, shipped, or looked at.  We will not be answering the phone (in fact, it will be off).  MacRorie will be so far into the mountains, cell service does not exist!  The internet only comes in over DSL! (NO!  Say it isn't so!). Edgar will be working on his car and enjoying the time off!

Yes, children, it is that time of year to take a breath, find ways to to enjoy each other.  Realize that 2021 *was* probably worse than 2020 and 2022 ain't shaping up to be any better!  Take a drink, smoke 'em if you got 'em and chill (as the kiddies say^H^H^H said).

The XEP80-II is alive and shipping, I have started on the case design.  The cart board for the 576NUC+ is in active development and, grand deities willing, should be here soon!  There will be a trade in program if you want to change your standard internal FujiNet for a FujiNet with a cart slot!

Okay, that's it!  Enjoy the winter holidays and we will se you on the other side of the Solstice!

-All the gang here at The Brewing Academy!

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