October 2021: The only constant is change.


Thanks for the continued business.  I hope that life is treating you and yours well.

General Information: It is getting more and more difficult to find components to make the things that you like to buy.  Also, finding a company to assist with the assembly is becoming nigh impossible..  Nothing impactful right now, but just a head's up

)Repairs & Installations:  We will no longer be doing any repairs and/or installations on your equipment.  It is just not affordable in terms of time or mental effort.  That may sound weird, but I do really want to make sure that y'all get your units in a timely manner AND at a level of repair/installation that is excellent.  We just can no longer do it.  It's either not profitable enough or it is so time-consuming and anxiety-producing that it's just not worth the mental effort.  That is not a "you" thing (although there are definitely some people out there that have caused me to want to "throw the Country A-K rack out onto the street and go work for a Virgin Megastore!"), but definitely a "Me" thing.  Just have a lot of things to worry about and trying to minimize the list whilst still paying the bills.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Normally, we do a big thing and have massive discounts, but we are going to take a pass this year and here's why: Holidays should be FRICKING HOLIDAYS.  

HOLIDAYS: People should have the day off.  I don't mean they should have to celebrate ANYTHING if they do not want to, but they should have the day off and just chill.  Hell, give people all four days off (THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY).  Part of why we are all so cranky is that there is no time to just "not."  I mean, "not get to work" and "not go to the store" and "not worry about getting somewhere before it closes or opens or sells out."  If you have "FOMO" over getting the newest 'johnny jump up' for your kid or uncle or wife, then perhaps you are not focused in the right direction.  I realize that this means you can't go to the store and buy the milk you forgot to buy on Thursday, but that is the stuff stories are made of (e.g., "You remember the year we scoured all over town for an open store to buy milk? We eventually just used more butter and some water! It wasn't half bad!")

I realize I have gotten on a rant here and I apologize.  I also realize that my privilege is probably showing.  But, maybe, just maybe, if we could stop and take a breath, we could consider things like this without blowing up at each other.

In light of all this, we are going to close from 1800, Thursday 18 November until 0900 Monday 29 November.  This will not be like last time where I secretly processed orders all month.  At 1700 on Thursday, I am going to shut off the computer and lock the doors.  I will then turn off my phones and email until Monday morning.  I am giving everyone that works here the week off and figuring out a way to get them paid for most, if not all, of the days we are closed. So that they, too, can just "not."   

The New Year and other associated holidays will have the same setup and I will let you know what they are.  Enjoy the break!

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    Doing nothing means a lot to me…


    Enjoy your Holiday!

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