Products running out & Schedule for 2022


Thank you ALL for your continued business these last seven years! It has been great and we look forward to many more! However, in trying to get get you your orders in a timely manner, stay healthy, manage twin six-year-olds, the worldwide chip shortage, and everything else the last three years have thrown at all of us, we have devised a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

BUILD WEEKS/"Pre-built"

You may have also noticed that some products are running out.  This is because the chip shortage has made it impossible to find a fabrication house to make boards and get chips.  Therefore, we have had to switch to making them all in house again using our stored chips.  I mean, this is why we bought chips by the 100s a couple of years ago, but it also means that things have to slow waaaaayyyy down in order for us to have time to make them.

As such, we are going to do this:

1.  The first full week in each month will be designated "Build Week" and all we will do is produce units for sale.  No orders will be shipped.  If you place an order during a "Build week" then it may take up to 7 (seven) BUSINESS DAYS* for your order to go out the door.  

2. Every product will ship to a "pre-built" in stock status.  What this means is that only products that are fully complete will be listed for sale.  In the past, we have built boards to a sort of partially done stage.  For example, on the FG99 cartridges, we had the boards with the surface mount chips on them and programmed, but not in shells and ready to put in a box.  From now on, they are just ready to put in a box.  How does this impact you?  Well, shipping during non-ship weeks should increase a bit.  Also, you know that if it is in stock, it is ready to go out the door.  However, this also means that if it is out of stock, it will not be ready until we get to the next build week.

3.  Build to order units (576NUC+, 1088XLD, 1088XEL, and the like), will shift to a static model.  In other words, they will be sold in one or two ways, not built to specifications. This also means, they will shift to "pre-built" in stock status.

A pop-up window will remind everybody when build week is AND what we are building for that week.


We will be shifting to a sort of academic calendar type schedule.  We will post the schedule for each year as we start it.  So the new schedule for 2022 will be found HERE

In short, this means that we will be closed from approximately May 15 to August 15 and December 10 to January 10 each year.  Also for a week in April.  Again, a pop-up will be there to remind everyone.

Thanks again and stay safe!

*"Business days" means days we are open (non-holiday M-Th) and NOT building.

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  • Dwayne on

    I too am interested in a ps/2 to mega keyboard adapter.

  • Chris on

    Are there any plans to make Sophia 2s for the 5200? I am dying to get my hands on one. Thanks

  • MacRorie on

    We are building FG99s right now. Should be available in a week or so.

  • Mike Lunsford on

    Do I need to get on a list? Do I need to pay up front? And how much for a complete finalGROM?
    All questions regarding a FG. Ty

  • markku on


    I wonder if you are looking into getting keyboard adapters for atari mega st/ste. If you are building/getting them I would be interested in preordering 2.


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