Folks, as I am sure you are aware (from the pop-ups and the last blog post), the March Build Week is starting on Monday.  Remember, we are also closed Fri-Sun.

What does this mean:

1.  eBay sales have been put on "Time Away" meaning that they will not be processed or shipped until 14 March. 

2. sales will not be shipped until 14 March.

3.  If you are having something built, then it's process will be sped up since we will be focusing on just building units of everything we can.  We will also attempt to get ahead so we can finish the repairs we agreed to (before we stopped taking repairs).

4. We may be less available on email/phone for your questions.

Thanks for helping us make this all a more efficient process!


P.S. You may have noticed our new slogan ("Enjoy Yesterday's Technology Today!"  Tell us what you think!



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  • Bob Sarna on

    I’m interested in Sophia 2 fir my 5200. Your site states In Stock and in grey letters Sold Out.
    What is the status of the Sophia 2?


    Bob Sarna
    847-293-7982. Text/cell

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