April Build Week, Spring Break, & Summer Break


 If there were any delays in your orders this week, I (MacRorie) had jury duty this week.  I sat in the box all day, but--in the end--the defense did not like the look of me, so I was dismissed!  Yay!  I did my civic duty!  I think we are all caught up (except for the 576NUC+ orders, but those customers receive a weekly email with their updates).

As you hopefully have noticed by now (courtesy of the annoying pop-up), we are coming up on a build week starting tomorrow (Friday 01 April).  This is NOT an April Fool's Joke!  We need the time NOT processing orders to build stuff.  Otherwise, we are continuously behind.  We like to say "Enjoy Yesterday's Technology Today!" but it is increasingly becoming "Enjoy Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow (or maybe next month?)" This is the reason we started doing build weeks.  

However, last month, y'all took the build week as some sort of indicator to order MORE!  Now, this is GREAT! Thank you for the business!  It keeps the lights on and the employees get paid!  However, we did not get anyway near what we needed to build, so we are going to try something different: We are going to "Pause" the store.  We do this on eBay and it works, so we'll try it here.

Putting the store on "Pause" means that you will be able to see everything we have, but you will not be able to checkout!  I *KNOW* this will frustrate people and I also know that only a small percentage of you will read this, but hey, gotta try, right?  This is ALSO a warning that we are going to be doing the same thing later in April (Spring Break) and also from May until August (Summer Break). 

I realize that some of you will not like this, but I have to do what is right for myself and the family.  I want to get you all the stuff you really want to use, but I also have to stay sane.  I *think* this is the way to do it and I will only know once we try it.  So, thanks for your business, thanks for listening and we will see you soon!




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  • MacRorie on

    Sorry, Sophia 2 are just not available. It is the worldwide chip shortage. As soon as the main chip is available for purchase, more Sophia 2 will be made available for sale!

  • bob on

    How will we know when you’re caught up and ready to take another order? While I’m at it… will you be able to build/ship a Sophia 2 for a 5200 again? I tore mine apart – is now in a cardboard box ready to reassemble. I would love to get one.

    Thank you … Bob

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