IT'S OCTOBER!? PRGE! (Portland Retro Gaming Expo) October 14-16! Booth 401

Well, it's October again and time for PRGE to come again!  It has been THREE YEARS since PRGE was able to be held, so we are looking forward to it!

Since it has been so long, we thought we would celebrate the return of PRGE by changing up what products we are bringing with us.

We are *NOT* going to be bringing all of the things we offer on the website.  We will bring a select group of things from the site (Lynx Prototype reproductions, Vectrex VectorBlade carts, 1-2 Atari STacy laptops and a few other tid bits.)

What we *ARE* bringing is a TON of stuff NOT on the web site!  For example, we will have Commodore hardware (C-64, C-128, disk drives, 3.5" commodore drives, in the box, working, we will even be bringing one or two SX-64!), we will have a *very* complete Vectrex collection (including 3D goggles and home-brews!) for sale individually, we will have PSP games, we will have Nintendo Famicoms and Super Famicoms with US power supplies, we will have TurboGrafx-16, PC-Engine, and LaserActive machines and software for sale. We will have Sega Saturns, Sega Dreamcasts, and even some Sony PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 software for sale!

We will have Atari 8-bit software, books, and cartridges (some new, some used, some in-between!) We will have an almost complete collection of Atari Jaguar software (including home-brews) all for sale individually.

We are going to take the seats out of the van shove ALL of it into the vans for the drive up.  Our goal is to come back with an empty van! SO, if there is something weird you have been looking for, ASK, we might have it!

Also, if you are looking for a Jaguar kiosk in minty fresh, bought it direct from Atari in the late 90s, we should talk because we have one for sale.  Which leads us to say that, if you are wondering about the Vectrex and Jaguar collections for sale, yes, that is MacRorie's personal collection.  Time to wave it goodbye to a new home.  The ret is stuff we have accumulated over the years and we need to move it out.  So, if you are going to be in Portland in two weeks, come on over!

Link to PRGE:


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  • Michael on

    This Facebook post mentioned someone selling SX-64s

    Was this you?

    I have an SX-64 without a keyboard, were you the exhibitor? and if so would you have, or know where I could source such a keyboard?

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