Summer Schedule starts today! (and what that means)


First of all, thank you for your continued patronage!  Some of you have just been absolute boons and a balm to what has been a trying three years.  Second, as we have been saying for a few months now, we are shuttering the business for a few months.  Hopefully this will allow me to recharge my power cells and stuff off what seems like COVID-eternity!

Starting 16 May, the following will be in place:

  • We have suspended all "build to order" items.  
  • We will slowly wind down our "pre-built" inventory.  (UNO-2600, S-Drive Max, FG99, etc).
  • Once Lotharek items go out of stock, they will not be replenished until after break.  
  • Everything that is "no-build" (e.g., console video games, CEDs, retail hardware, etc) will be shipped on the schedule detailed below.
  • UAVs will be available for sale on the schedule detailed below.
  • If you have questions about *anything* feel free to ask.

Delivery schedule for break:

  • May 16 to June 12:  All orders will be shipped as regular.  No delays.
  • June 13 to June 30:  All orders placed during this period will ship on or about June 30
  • July 1 to July 28: All orders placed during this time will ship on or about July 28
  • July 29 to  Aug 21:  All orders will ship on or about Aug 22
  • August 22 forward:  All orders will ship on the regular schedule
  • If you have questions about *anything* feel free to ask.



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  • MacRorie on

    Hey, folks, thanks for the messages! As far as when you can expect Sophia 2: Maybe mid-2023. It is a matter of getting the main chip that powers it. They just are not out there to be purchased!

  • Patrick on

    Are you going to have the Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT) back in stock?
    Many thanks.

  • SiLic0ne t0aD on

    Hi, will do have any more Atari 7800 BIOS upgrade kits available in the near future?

  • Patrick on

    Same question: When can we expect Sophia 2 to become available for us again?
    Any chance we could place pre-orders and rest assured that when the day comes we will not miss opportunity this time?
    Many thanks BTW for all your wonderful work for Atari community. And also angers me that it’s not so easy to find you guys and your products…
    Overal, Great Job and great value for all those less technical minded Atari Freaks.

    Keep it up, please, please,please, give us Sofia 2 (or even 3) keyboard membranes, maybe eventually full sixed Atari 130xe substitute motherbord, bbased on one or three FPGAs, which will give us what Mega65 gave the Commodore community?

    Just asking :) would be supere nice to receive an optymiistic answer :)

    Bestest regards,

  • Ivan on

    When are you going to have the Sophia 2 (DVI output & GTIA REPLACEMENT) back in stock? Thanks

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