Long time no chat!, Winter closure, and stuff


It has been awhile, hasn't it? Well, so much has happened!

PRGE (Portland Retro Gaming Expo) was a great success marred only by a slight hiccup.  We sold a lot of stuff and a great time was had by all INCLUDING the thieves that stole $5000 worth of stuff out of the van!  Insurance did NOT cover the loss (neither business nor personal), so my belief that insurance is a numbers racket was FIRMLY supported.  I have put a list of the items missing down at the bottom of this post.  So, if you see them in the Portland area or beyond, feel free to drop me a line.

The shop is doing well.  Unfortunately, we had to layoff one of our workers because of the slowdown in orders.  THIS IS FINE!  The stream of orders is constant and everybody is getting their items on a timely basis AND I get to spend a little more time in the mountains, so I am very cool with it all!  Plus, between PRGE success and everything, we cleared the front two rooms of the building out and will rent that out to "respectable" people (y'know, people NOT like me ;-) ).

Also, I closed my personal Twitter account and am considering closing the business one.  I mean Twitter is a dumpster fire right now and it might change, but it is going the way of all social media and just swirling the bowl.  I have been off Facebook for over a year except for TBA stuff, and my life seems a bit more free.

So, on to winter closure:

We will be closing from Friday, 18 November to Monday, 28 November for the Thanksgiving (US) holidays.  Our kids are out of school so I will be spending time with them and, eventually, my family.  As with the last couple of years, there will be NO Black Friday/CyberMonday specials here at TBA.  Go and enjoy your families and the time off.  As Lewis Black once said, "Our economy should not be tied to Santa's ass!"

What does this mean for you:  eBay sales will be completely closed during that time AND no sales from here will be processed or shipped until my return on 28 November.  SO. you should plan your purchases accordingly.

After the Thanksgiving (US) holiday, we will have normal ales and deliveries until 02 December.  On that date, we will again pause processing orders and not return until 16 January 2023.  Although I will occasionally pop in the office during that time and process some orders, you should consider us GONE until 17 January 2023.

Thank you for a wonderful year!  Have a safe and sane holiday season and we will see you on the other side!



MyArc Geneve board with docs, disks, and mouse.  Also had a Geneve binder
CorComp FDC board
MyArc 512k RAMdisk board
CorComp “Mini” PEB complete with FDC installed
CorComp “Mini” PEB with RAM, Serial, no FDC
CorComp 32k side car
2 TI Speech Synthesizer, new
2 TI Speech Synthesizer, used
2 Sony PS Vita 1000 Development Consoles
1 Sony PS Vita 2000 Development console
16 Lynx Prototype reproduction cartridges “Vindicators”
8 Lynx Prototype reproduction cartridges “Guardians: Storm over Doria”
8 Lynx Prototype reproduction cartridges “Rolling Thunder”
1 Atari Lynx II console with VGA screen and VGA external connection

30 Sony PS Vita games
Game Boy    x3                                                                         
Game Boy Color   x2
Game Boy Pocket    in box
Game Boy Advance  x2
Game Boy Advance SP
DS Lite                    x2
2DS (factory Refurbished)   
3DS LL   x2
Minecraft 2DS LL Creeper – Japan      NEW
Mario Kart 7 2DS XL      NEW
Various charging cords and power supplies

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