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Okay, folks, school has started (2nd grade for our twins!), so I guess no more vacations.

A couple of updates:

1. Atari 800/XL/XE Ultimate carts are in the process of being SMD items done and should be available for sale in September.

2.  Open JVS Pi_Hats should be available soon.  As you will see in the update, they are close to completion!

3.  There are sooooo many new ColecoVision/ADAM items coming, I am giddy, but I need to catch up on everything else!

4.  I got waylaid by all of your orders!  Since I was on vacation, some of the items I have to build up got wiped out.  I have sent emails to the orders affected, but also wanted to post it here for all to see.

Thanks!  Here's the update:


Hello folks!

OVERALL NOTE to all recipients:
In an OVERABUNDANCE of caution, I wanted to put out an email about your order.  I have all the parts, but some of the units have exceed what I had already built.  Since I was on vacation, I was not building ahead as I normally do and y’all caught me flat-footed.  I have provided some estimated completion dates (at bottom).  Now, I *usually* beat those dates and get them to you earlier, but, well, sometimes stuff happens and I don’t.  However, I will always communicate and always be more than willing to answer questions.
This is the order I will be building
2600 UNO:  I just need to program more boards.  Should be out quickly.
FujiNet:  Just need to implement the fix, then program and build some.  Shouldn’t take too long.
FG99:  Just need a few minor THT soldered on, then programmed and tested.  Should not b long at all.
TIPI: I have all the parts, but I need a clear work desk to solder print and use the solder oven.  It is not an intensive process, but it is long.  This will be quick once I get started, but I need to clear the desks to get started.
S-Drive Max:  Sooooooo, I have units built and tested, but the company that makes the screens altered the physical layout of the board so it no longer fits inside the case properly.  I will need to re-design the case and print new ones.  This might take me a bit.
Open JVS Pi Hats:  I have 100 boards completed.  I just need to solder on the THT and then test them.  Should not take me long at all, but, as you can see, there is a line in front.  I want them out there as much as you do!
VBXE 800 carrier boards:  Blank PCBs are in-hand.  Just need to find time to assemble them.
‘Hope this all makes sense.  If not, please feel free to call or write!
If this is your first BIR (Builds, Installations, and Repairs) e-mail, then, Welcome! You will receive these when your order is confirmed and every other Thursday (or thereabouts) thereafter until completion. If your unit is listed as “shipped” then this will be your last email about it (there may be some overlap, sorry, but over-informed is better than not informed!).
These emails (usually sent every other Thursday or so) will be your update for the status of your machine that The Brewing Academy (TBA) has (or in some cases, had) in its possession.  The chip shortage is really starting to crunch on some stuff.  This, in addition to the ports being clogged, is slowing down reception of parts that usually only take 1-2 days.  We usually have everything in stock since we order by the 100s, but occasionally, something needs a re-order.  Normally, this is not a problem, but the triple threat of COVID, Chip shortages, and port clogging (since a lot of our parts come from overseas), things are getting bumped a little bit.  Like we said, we tend to underpromise and try to overdeliver, but we also want to keep you informed.
AS of right now: ALL PARTS FOR ALL BUILDS are in stock.
CV-NUC+ Builds
Boards:  Assembly is progressing
C:  All cases are printed and just need feet and screws.
D:  All daughterboards are done and populated.  Testing will commence once Main board is done.
M: Main board is progressing.  All passives are installed. Will proceed to sockets so DIY+Chips can be shipped (early)
T: Testing will commence once all parts are done
6384:  C, D, Main needed, Testing Needed
6362:  Testing is continuing
6511: C, D, Main needed, Testing Needed
REMEMBER: we OVER-estimate the time to complete, so it is VERY probably that you will receive your unit BEFORE the date listed below.  However, as we all know, #$%^& happens and we don’t want you to be disappointed. CURRENTLY: It looks like all projected ship dates are attainable.
STATUS of cases:
Drying:  0
Soaking: 0
Done:  All case are complete.
576NUC+ builds: All done & Shipped
576NUC+ orders.
STATUS of cases:
Drying: 0
Soaking: 0
Printing: 0
Done: All other cases for orders are done
Tiny Mac Builds:  All done.  All shipped.  Now ship with the newer screens
Texas Instruments (TI 99/4a) Builds:  
FG99:  Units have all surface mount done, just need the SD card shield soldered on, then programmed and tested.
TIPI:  I ran out of boards I had made, so will have to start from scratch.  They do not take very long, but I need a completely clear workspace to do the solder printing and solder oven (Things tend to catch fire at 265º C.
Repairs: Reminder we no longer do repairs at TBA.  A few repairs have been accepted because we had agreed to do them before the policy changed. NOTA BENE: We are scheduled to close for the summer starting May 15.  I personally promise that either your unit will ship back to you by that time **OR** I will stay here until it is finished and shipped back to you!
1088XLD builds:  None waiting
NOTA BENE: Build weeks are now in effect.  April Build week was fruitful.  I would not have been able to finish the units that shipped last week without it, so we will continue to do it is some way or another.
If it states “need responses” next to your unit, please check your email for a message from us as we need a response to proceed.
XLD/XEL/576 builds should be done sooner than estimated dates, but we would rather underpromise and overdeliver. 
Also, as a reminder, NON-CV/XEL/XLD/576 repairs and installations are not are main focus and, as such, tend to take a little longer.  We very much appreciate the business, so we try to get them done ASAP, but please understand when they slip by their estimated completion dates.  UPDATE: We no longer do installations or repairs except on a special case basis.  If you need a shop, we will be happy to recommend one.  https://thebrewingacademy.com/blogs/news/october-2021-the-only-constant-is-change
As always, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.  Remember, there is no difference between a “sale” and an “invoice,” it is just a bookkeeping thing.
Description Invoice/Sales# Status Expected Completion?
CV-NUC+ Complete+Keypad Order # 6384 / Sale # 1009062 Rebuild from scratch 30-Sep-23
CV-NUC+ Complete+Keypad Order # 6362 / Sale # 1009089 Diagnosis and burn-in  SHIPPED
UNOCart NTSC 7800 Testing Direct Time needed.  Also need to locate NTSC 7800 in storage ASAP
FG99  Direct Diagnosis SHIPPED
Ultimate cart Direct R/R switch, solder fingers SHIPPED
Open JVS PiHats Direct THT and testing 15-Sep-23
Open JVS PiHats Direct THT and testing 15-Sep-23
VBXE Atari 800 carrier boards Direct PCBs in hand, need build and testing 15-Oct-23
Incognito JED reprogram Direct Unit in hand.  Need time 22-Sep-23
CV-NUC+ Complete+Keypad Order # 6511 / Sale #1009220 Sub-boards done, rest of unit.  Case printed 15-Oct-23
UNO, FujiNet, & S-Drive (+AC) Order # 6517 / Sale # 1009252 Program UNO, Alter SDM case, Fix & Program FN SHIPPED
TIPI+32k combo (& more) Order # 6520 / Sale # 1009247 32k builts, TIPI needed (all else ready) SHIPPED
FujiNet-1.3F Order # 6521 / Sale #1009246 Fix & program SHIPPED
S-Drive Max Order # 6524 / Sale #1009242 Redesign & Print case, Unit built and tested SHIPPED
FG99 & SD card Order # 6526 / Sale #1009239 Program FG99 SHIPPED
FG99 & 32k Order # 6527 / Sale #1009237 32k built, Need to prgram Fg99 SHIPPED
2600 UNO Order # 6528 / Sale # 1009236 Program SHIPPED
TIPI "Whole Enchilada" Order # 6529 / Sale # 1009235 32k builts, TIPI needed SHIPPED
FujiNet-1.5e (576e) Order # 6530 / Sale # 1009234 Print white case SHIPPED
FG99 Order # 6539 / Sale # 1009254 Program FG99 SHIPPED
TIPI+32k combo Order # 6540 / Sale #1009253 32k builts, TIPI needed SHIPPED
FujiNet-1.3F Order # 6542 / Sale # 1009256 Fix & program SHIPPED
FujiNet, S-Drive & More Order # 6546 / Sale #1009261 Alter SDM case, Fix & Program FN (all else ready) SHIPPED
FG99 & 32k Order # 6551 / Sale # 1009271 32k built, Need to prgram Fg99 SHIPPED
FujiNet-1.3F (& more) Order # 6552 / Sa;e # 1009270 Fix & program FujiNet, all else packed SHIPPED
FujiNet-1.3F (& more) Order # 6555 / Sale #1009266 Fix & program FujiNet, all else packed SHIPPED
TIPI+32k combo Order # 6556 / Sale #1009265 32k builts, TIPI needed SHIPPED
FujiNet-1.3F Order # 6557 / Sale #1009263 Fix & program SHIPPED
2600 UNO Order # 6558 / Sale #1009268 Program SHIPPED

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