Happy Imminent New Calendar Day!

Okay, folks,

2024 is breathing down our collective necks, so I write this with the trepidation we all feel post-2020.

Surgery went without incident.  I now have a 6-8 inch "zipper" on my arm, but feeling is returning to my fingers, so comme ci, comme ça.

As usual, we closed for the weekend on Thursday, but given the impending holiday, I came in a processed and shipped everything that was ordered until yesterday afternoon.  As a reminder, we will be hard closed starting today (31 December).  As noted on the pop-up, any order placed today or until 15 January will be delayed.  We will not be anywhere near the shop, so unless you can convince someone to come in, your order will sit until we get back.  Sorry, but we did warn you.  Like, a lot!

Everything that was ordered on or before 30 December has been shipped, so no worries there.

E-mail if you have questions!


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