Happy Holidays! (and surgery update)

Happy Holidays, Folks!

If spending time with your family brings you joy, I sincerely wish for you to be able to do that this holiday season.  For the rest of us, well, yeah . . . .

Anyhoo,  I will get the orders sitting in the queue out in the next day or so.  

Surgery:  MRI showed that there was no need for neck surgery, so that was a relief. I had the cubital tunnel surgery on Friday (nope, autocorrect is not at work here, I already had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery in the early aughts). All seems to have gone okay, I am slowly getting feeling back in my two fingers and, hopefully, with some physical therapy, should regain some of my lost grip strength.

I will slowly be adding back things for purchase that I took off line as I get function back, so feel free to email if there is something you want, but it is still listed as "out of stock."


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