2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials!



We have our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials available for your perusing!  We are especially proud of the pretty deep discounts available for you!

Free shipping minimums have been lowered for the weekend and the $69 price on the Ultimate cart is pretty cool.  Also, the discounts also apply to ALL special prices.  So, you could buy an Ultimate cartridge for as low as $55!

Enter the discount codes at checkout.  Here they are for easy cutting and pasting!


Up to $100 5% 5%BlackFriday2019

Up to $250 10% 10%BlackFriday2019

Up to $500 15% 15%BlackFriday2019

Over $500 20% 20%BlackFriday2019


1st 50 Orders: Black Ultimate Cart*** $69.99 (reg. $95.00)

1st 50 Orders: Black FinalGROM99 $49.99 (reg. $75.00)

1st 100 Orders: Black UNO-2600 $29.99 (reg. $40.00)

Weekend Deals!

1088XLD Black Motherboards $20.00 (reg. $30.00)

UNO-A8 $39.99 (reg. $55.00)

Black 32K RAM expansion (TI99/4a) $39.99 (reg. $54.99)

Ultimate Atari Video(Basic) all systems $20.00 (reg. $25.00)

Ultimate Atari Video(Kit) all systems $25.00 (reg. $30.00)

All SD cards for all systems $19.99 (reg. $25.00)


Subject to availability.  May end at any time.  We are not responsible for connection issues, failure of shop software, web browser incompatibility or anything else that causes you to not get a discount.  ALL purchases whether discounted or not are limited to no more than five of each item, including variants.  Discounts/Sale items go live on 0001 PST 29 November and will discontinue at 2359 PST 02 December.  We reserve the right to allocate half of the doorbusters for Friday and half for Monday.  If free shipping and discounts get too expensive, we reserve the right to discontinue without notice and without any compensation.

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