1088XLD I/O ModSystem by DropCheck



We are now proud to offer the 1088XLD I/O ModSystem by DropCheck!  Check it out here:  https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/1088xel-xld/products/1088xld-by-mytek

What is the 1088XLD I/O ModSystem?  It gives you everything you ever wanted in the 1088XLD and MORE!

As it stands, the 1088XLD, has a cartridge port, but it is covered by the case.  The 1088XLD I/O ModSystem gives you cartridge access AND built-in SIO2WiFi AND a parallel port AND everything the XLD normally comes with!  It is the best of all possible worlds!

Also, remember, during Black Friday/Cyber Monday (29 November until 02 December 2019!) purchases over $500 are 20% off!  Free shipping over $125 world wide!

Here is a video:  CLICK_ME



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