UltraSatan CASED
UltraSatan CASED
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UltraSatan CASED

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Before buying - Please read the DISCLAIMER by Jookie designer of the original hardware.


  • connects to EXTERNAL ACSI port of Atari ST/STE/MEGA ST/STE /TT
  • supports MMC, SD and SDHC cards - tested with cards from 16 MB to 8 GB and works fine on ST
  • drivers: ICD PRO (free),  HDDRIVER (commercial) and PeraPutnik (commercial) compatible
  • you can change the INQUIRY name of device (the string that shows when hard disk driver displays currently connected ACSI devices)
  • MicroUSB power connector (5V needed only) - mobile phone charger needed - NOT SUPPLIED
  • Files (config tool, etc) HERE
  • FAQ File: HERE

Inside BOX: 

  • a tested and safely packed device


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