TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
The Brewing Academy

TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800

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Ivory Tower Collections 7800 UAV Mount & Maria fix

We are now offering the 7800 mounting board designed by Ivory Tower Collections!  This not only will allow you to easily install a UAV in your Atari 7800, but it also includes a CD4050 chip to correct for color errors on some 7800 Maria chips! ALSO, it has a very convenient pad to draw AUDIO out.  VERY nice!

We offer them as a combo kit and as a stand alone. If you buy the stand alone version, YOU MUST PURCHASE the UAV (Basic) separately. 

$54.99                   Combo version.  This combines a "Basic UAV" and a 7800 mount in one purchase.  You also save a few dollars. You will still need to solder them together.

$24.99                   Stand Alone  version.  This version has been fully assembled and is ready to be paired to a UAV Basic version.

Atari 7800 Ultimate Atari Video board (UAV)

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These boards were developed by Bryan Edewaard and sold by him for a long time.  He has now sold the rights for the rev. D version to The Brewing Academy and we are producing them for all machines.  What does it do? 

  1. Has an on-board regulator to create a clean video power source.
  2. Has a 3-channel video amplifier designed for 75 ohm loads.
  3. Has a pixel re-clocking circuit to remove skew and better align the 4 luminance signals into a perfect pixel edge.
  4. Has a carefully designed chroma-shaping circuit.
  5. an adjustable pot on the board which controls the phase between the chroma and luma signals. A nice side-effect of this that you can change the artifact colors. There's also a jumper to invert the chroma which swaps the positions of the artifact colors.

You will require RCA and/or S-Video jacks to fully complete this installation.  You may purchaser them here:

This board in available in two configurations:

$29.99            NO MANUAL-BASIC This version is for those that either have a manual already OR know how to install it already.  Although we do keep a digital copy here, they are not always up to date.  This is generally for international customers that want to make sure they are under the 8 ounce (225 grams) limit for the lowest USPS shipping rate.  Everybody else starts at a pound (450 grams).

$34.99             Basic - A basic version that must be wired in (missing the pin-headers and green terminal strip

If you need a digital version of the manual: http://www.thebrewingacademy.net/UAV_manuals.zip

NOTA BENE: This involves soldering AND some ability to read a schematic and/or discern how to install it in machines that there are not explicit instructions for.  If you cannot do this, either purchase installation from us, find a professional installer, or do not purchase the upgrade.  As we state in the manual, which is ALWAYS available for a free download PRIOR to purchase, 

This manual is a beginning at a collection of all of installation materials created by Bryan and many other AtariAge users over the years on how to install a UAV into an Atari 400/800/XL/XE/XEL/XLD machine (shortened hereafter as “A8 machines”) or Atari 2600s, 5200s, & 7800s!

If you see an error, know of something that should be included or of a link that would be helpful, feel free to drop us a line at macrorie@thebrewingacademy.com or “PM” MacRorie via AtariAge. Enjoy!

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