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Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype "GUARDIAN.02"

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Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype Reproduction GUARDIAN.02 version

About all of the Lynx games for sale here:

I acquired a set of floppy disks that contained prototypes for the Atari Lynx recently and wanted to make them available for everyone to play on real hardware.  There are 95+ files across the 8 disks.  They came from someone who had a legal reason to have them and gave them to me.

These are high-grade reproductions.  They are playable in either a Lynx I or a Lynx II without any problems whatsoever ever.  I have had the labels professionally produced and have made the shells on my most detailed 3d printer.

I think they turned out GREAT! (Note: the shells will be grey-dark grey, not black)

You can enjoy these now for a very low price and they will be around for years to come and not locked up in someone's treasure chest.

About the game itself:

There is the definite game here.  You can select a character.  You can enter a dungeon and there be monsters there!  You can kill them and they can kill you! Also, death resets the game.  You have hitpoints. You can roam city streets AND enter into at least 2 shops.  You can buy items. You can interact with the shopkeep. You can talk to the King and get sent on a quest! You have to find an NPC to get a map to the dungeon.  It LOOKS beautiful and plays fluidly. This is the MOST complete version.

Video of gameplay 

The picture on the label is a screenshot of the power on screen.

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