Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype Repro (CES93)
Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype Repro (CES93)
Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype Repro (CES93)
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Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype Repro (CES93)

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Guardians: Storm Over Doria Prototype Reproduction CES '93 version

About all of the Lynx games for sale here:

I acquired a set of prototypes for the Atari Lynx recently and wanted to make them available for everyone to play on real hardware.  Let's be honest, I also wanted to add cool things to my collection as well.  The trick was how could I do both?

I *think* I have come up with a way to do it.  These are high-grade reproductions.  They are playable in either a Lynx I or a Lynx II without any problems whatsoever ever.  I have had the labels professionally produced and have made the shells on my most detailed 3d printer.

I think they turned out GREAT!

You can enjoy these now for a very low price and they will be around for years to come and not locked up in someone's treasure chest.

About the game itself:

 There is the definite beginning of a game here.  You can select a character.  You can enter a dungeon and there be monsters there! (They cannot hurt you and you cannot hurt them).  You can roam city streets AND enter into **A** shop.  (You cannot buy anything. You can interact with the shopkeep, though) You can talk to the King and get sent on a quest! (You cannot complete that quest, you have to guess where the dungeon is and yeah).  It LOOKS beautiful and plays fluidly.

The label on the original prototype said "Guardians // (Telegames)"

The picture on the label is a screenshot of the power on screen.

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