Cyberball 2072 Prototype Reproduction
Cyberball 2072 Prototype Reproduction
Cyberball 2072 Prototype Reproduction
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Cyberball 2072 Prototype Reproduction

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World Class Soccer Prototype Reproduction 

About all of the Lynx games for sale here:

I acquired a set of prototypes for the Atari Lynx recently and wanted to make them available for everyone to play on real hardware.  Let's be honest, I also wanted to add cool things to my collection as well.  The trick was how could I do both?

I *think* I have come up with a way to do it.  These are high-grade reproductions.  They are playable in either a Lynx I or a Lynx II without any problems whatsoever ever.  I have had the labels professionally produced and have made the shells on my most detailed 3d printer.

I think they turned out GREAT!

You can enjoy these now for a very low price and they will be around for years to come and not locked up in someone's treasure chest.

About the game itself:

This is very playable.  There are some differences in graphics from the retail version, but it has been so long since I played the retail version, that I will have to pull it out to verify.

The original prototype 's label said has been lost to the vagaries of time, but did say "Cyberball 2072" and there was another sticker that said "Return to Juli Wade Atari Corp"

I will post screenshots and videos as soon as I have a chance.

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