Atari STacy Laptop (see specifics)
Atari STacy Laptop (see specifics)
Atari STacy Laptop (see specifics)
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Atari STacy Laptop (see specifics)

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Working and ready for your kind ministrations!



The STacy was a portable version of the Atari ST

The computer was originally designed to operate on 12 standard “C” cell/R14 for portability. When Atari realized how quickly the machine would use up a set of batteries, they simply glued the lid of the battery compartment shut.  HOWEVER, this particular Stacy does NOT have the lid glued shut, you can open it up and, if you **really** want to, add the hardware to use batteries!


The Stacy was a global project, design work was carried out in the Sunnyvale HQ, Cambridge UK, final PCB board layouts where produced by Atari in Japan, which is where the first units were manufactured, with final manufacturing occurring in Taiwan.

The distinctive sculptured charcoal-gray case was designed by Ira Velinsky — Atari's chief Industrial Designer.


This is an Atari Stacy LST-1124 .  This unit is Serial Number A107 1000076

It originally came with 1MB RAM, 720k internal floppy, and an internal 20MB hard drive

NOTE:  The internal Hard drive is STILL installed and can be heard spinning.  However, the The nice foam seal has decomposed into goo that contaminates the media and leaks out of the case.I t is in almost every Falcon and Stacy ever made unless someone changed the hard drive to another brand.  I have cleaned up most of it, but you really should remove and replace the hard drive.  The electronics are in there to run any compatible drive.


  • Atari TOS 1.04
  • Blitter
  • Real-time clock lithium battery (will need replacing)
  • Floppy disk (100% tested & working DSDD)
  • ACSI, ACSI internal (same as in Mega STE)
  • Trackball (tested & working)
  • Keyboard passes all tests, all keys work easily
  • Ports (all tested and working)

Monitor (External)



FDD (external, Drive B)



Known Flaws

·      Hard Drive seals failed (see note above)

  • Does not come with a power supply.
    • We may offer these separately in the future, but for now, you will have to provide your own.


Final Caveat: This system has been tested to the extent noted.  However, it is 30 years old and there could be something I have not seen. This unit is sold AS IS.

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