Joystick Extension Cables - Atari ST/Mega
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Joystick Extension Cables - Atari ST/Mega

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If you are tired of getting up and down to change your controller OR you no longer want to have to search behind (or underneath! I see you, Atari ST!), then these cables are for you.

These are 6 feet (2m) long and they are wired through on all 9 pins, so they can be used on *any* system that uses a DB9 connector, so buy for any of the following:

Atari  2600

Atari 7800

Atari 400/800/XL/XE/1088


TI 99/4a (NOTE: these cables will NOT allow you to use standard joysticks, you will still need an adapter for that).

Mega Drive/Genesis


Atari ST/Mega

Buy one or two (or three or four!)

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