Atari 1040STf
Atari 1040STf
The Brewing Academy

Atari 1040STf

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These are academic center (schools, teaching centers, on the job training, etc) returns.  They are generally in good physical shape and come in two varieties:  Tested and Untested.

If you are purchasing a "Tested" unit, that means we have powered it up, tested all the keys, formatted a floppy, and run it through the Atari Service Center bench testing.  They are still sold AS IS, but they worked when we put them in the box.

If you are purchasing an "UNtested" unit, that means we have pulled one off of the stack and put it in the box.  Most work with not problem, but you are paying for cheap, not testing.  We do offer ones that have been tested, but they are slightly more expensive.  Get one cheap for parts OR it may even work without a flaw, you be the judge!

These are generally TOS 1.2 units.  NOTE:  BOTH types do not come with ANYTHING but the base unit (1MB RAM, internal floppy).  Does not even come with a power cord (industry standard). NOTE2: Some units may come with a 360k floppy.

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