TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800
The Brewing Academy

TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) board for Atari 7800

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Atari 7800 Ultimate Atari Video board (UAV)

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These boards were developed by Bryan Edewaard and sold by him for a long time.  He has now sold the rights for the rev. D version to The Brewing Academy and we are producing them for all machines.  What does it do? 

  1. Has an on-board regulator to create a clean video power source.
  2. Has a 3-channel video amplifier designed for 75 ohm loads.
  3. Has a pixel re-clocking circuit to remove skew and better align the 4 luminance signals into a perfect pixel edge.
  4. Has a carefully designed chroma-shaping circuit.
  5. an adjustable pot on the board which controls the phase between the chroma and luma signals. A nice side-effect of this that you can change the artifact colors. There's also a jumper to invert the chroma which swaps the positions of the artifact colors.

The board plugs into the CD4050 socket for easy installation on most machines. It can be used in place of the original circuit or alongside it.

You will require RCA and/or S-Video jacks to fully complete this installation.  You may purchaser them here:

This board in available in FOUR (4) configurations:

$32.50/27.50            NO MANUAL- KIT/NO MANUAL-BASIC This version is for those that either have a manual already OR know how to install it already.  Although we do keep a digital copy here, they are not always up to date.  This is generally for international customers that want to make sure they are under the 8 ounce (225 grams) limit for the lowest USPS shipping rate.  Everybody else starts at a pound (450 grams).

$29.99             Basic - A basic version that must be wired in (missing the pin-headers and green terminal strip
$34.99           Kit -A basic version with the components to make it a plug-in version for custom installations.

$34.99            Plug-in for various machines

Install manual included with sale! NOTE: If you order multiple UAVs in one order, only one copy of the manual will be included.  Sorry, but the manual exceeds 50 pages now and it is costing more in postage to mail it than the UAV.  If you require multiple printed copies, the digital version is available via the link below.

Install manual: http://tinyurl.com/yyq25uvz

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