FG99 (FinalGROM99) Case Only kit
FG99 (FinalGROM99) Case Only kit
The Brewing Academy

FG99 (FinalGROM99) Case Only kit

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This product is only the CASE, screws, two new reset switches, printed manual, and a label for the FinalGROM 99.  You do NOT need it unless you have your own FG99 that requires a shell.

Please be aware that this kit requires that you desolder the switches currently on your FG99 and install two new ones.  We are not responsible for damage caused during installation and/or removal of the switches.

This also includes the TBA Manual for the FinalGROM 99. THERE IS NO CARTRIDGE INCLUDED.  Only a shell, screws, two switches, a label, and printed manual.

If you would like a complete FinalGROM99, it can be purchased here.

For examples of what color options are available, please view this file.


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