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MiniGun SuperGun for JAMMA (9-pin)

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We are proud to offer the MiniGun SuperGun hard ware that will allow you to hook up your JAMMA-Compatible boards to any RGB monitor!  It will also allow you to use NeoGeo compatible joysticks to control them!

We did not design the, we are simply offering this tested and assembled product for your use so you do not have to assemble it!

Once we get everything finalized, we will be offering a complete host of cables and power supplies!

What is it?

From the announcement on Arcade Projects:


  • 2 layer PCB - 110mm x 50mm | minimum 8mil trace width & clearance | 40 vias.
  • Arcade PSU connection via Molex 6 pin Mini-Fit-Jr connector.
  • COIN & SERVICE tactile switches.
  • 2 x Neo-Geo style DB15 connectors for player 1 & 2 inputs. Follows Undamned pinout.
  • Buttons 12345 on Jamma edge - Buttons 456 via kick harness connector. Buttons 4 & 5 may be toggled from the Jamma edge via a dipswitch.
  • 8 Pin MINI DIN video and audio connector. Follows XRGB MINI / RGB MODDED NES / HAS pinout.
  • 3.5mm audio output connector which disables audio output from the MINI DIN when utilised.
  • Speaker to line level audio conversion - DC blocked - No Jamma audio pin is ever grounded.
  • MONO or STEREO audio output. Selectable via a jumper.
  • THS7374 based video circuit for RGB and SYNC signals. Buffered, attenuated and 75 Ohm impedance matched. Adjustable trimmer pots used to attenuate RGB levels. LPF may be enabled / disabled via a switch. Fixed resistor voltage divider used to attenuate SYNC.
  • Power LED.
  • Voltmeter to monitor +5V.
  • OSSC safe.


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