He's HERE!

Well, folks, we are back from SoCal.  All orders except for one has shipped out and we are in the process of taking care of that. A couple of updates: All new 2600-UNO carts will be on the new boards (blue, ENIG).  Also, for the foreseeable future, all chips will be of the 1Mbit variety, not that it matters AT ALL, but some people care about these things!  We are currently building those this weekend (27Apr), so there will be a slight delay in shipping on those. UNO-A8 carts need to go into production.  They will happen *ahead* of the...

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Updates: Shipping Status, New Products & More!

Folks,   Thank you ALL for all of the orders and emails!  The Brewing Academy is hopping! I will be away from the Academy for about a week so that I can help run the 2019 National Forensics Association's National Championship Tournament.  I will be in constant communication, but there will be a slight delay in shipping (about 5 calendar days). I will keep everyone informed.  I have products ready and waiting to go, just need to be there in order to ship them. What is the Forensics?  It is competitive speech and debate and something that I have been...

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