PRGE Prep!: The next three weeks (03 SEP 19 to 24 SEP 19)



There are SO MANY THINGS to report!

First, on 03 SEP, I will be making a trip to Osaka to look for retro games.  If you are looking for something, send me a message and I will keep an eye out for it!  I will be back in just a couple of days, but that means that orders received after 01 SEP will have to wait until I get back!

Second, The Brewing Academy is moving!  We got a new location so we can spread out and make more of the things you like!  More details will follow, but YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING!  Just be aware that the return address will be changing.

Third, The Brewing Academy will now accept Wire Transfers from people abroad.  See the payment details for specifics.  You have to pay the transfer fee (sorry), but it is a way to pay if you cannot use PayPal.

Fourth, We are starting to prepare for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.  This means that I will be suspending eBay sales and the only sales will be via the web site AND they will be a little delayed.  Nothing major mind, you, but we tend to prepare your items right before they go into the box and for PRGE, we will need to make them all to a finished level.  That will take time and, well, the orders just keep coming.

Fifth, the 1088XLD manual is coming close to completion.  As are a couple of other products that will, hopefully, make your life even better Atari wise!

Sixth, look for Commodore products soon!  Yes, you heard that correctly.  After years (decades really) of not getting into Commodore, the damn has burst and we are starting to figure out how to make some of the same things for the Commodore!  Look for them soon!

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