We're prepping for (and recovering from) the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) 13-15 October


As of Noon on 02 October, we are prepping for PRGE.  We are finishing up the orders that snuck in over the weekend (and two that have been tasking me for quite some time now).  Once those get shipped, we will be preparing to transport a UHAUL full of Retro stuff to Portland.  Arcade games, a Jaguar Kiosk (and my mostly complete Jaguar game collection), as well as many many more things.  Hundreds of PS Vita games, thousands of PSP games. A Nintendo 64DD as well as a Famicom Keyboard and BASIC cart.  We have TONS of stuff.  Come on to Portland!

This is fair notice that if you order ANYTHING after Noon on 02 October, it will NOT even get PROCESSED until 02 November.  This information is on the POP-UP and the e-mail auto-reply, so it really is on you if you are surprised your order is taking so long.

This means that if you cancel your order, your refund (if you do not elect for store credit) will be reduced by 10%to cover PayPal/Shopify fees per our refund policy.

So, wish us luck and, if in Portland in two weeks, feel free to stop on by!


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