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NOTE: This was supposed to be visible on 02 JULY, but it was not.  I also had some new announcements as of 06 JULY, so they all just got combined into one HUGE blog post.



As most of you are aware, we are in the middle of a surge in COVID-19 cases here in California.  So far, Governor Newsom has only closed restaurants and bars.  If that should change because y'know, PEOPLE CAN'T WEAR A DAMN MASK {ahem}, then we will keep you apprised.  In the interim, we have a couple of announcements:

Also, on a related note, we have been going at it non-stop for about 2-3 years now and I need a wee break.  Usually, I get to fly to somewhere and just drool this time of year but, umm, yeah, the aforementioned COVID-19 is putting a spanner in the midst.  The combination of all that means I need a break. Sooooo. . . . .

Before I begin:  Thank you for ALL of your business, it is much appreciated.

1.  In the month of August, I will not be taking ANY builds or installations requests.  We will still ship, but that's it.  There is a lot of catch up work that needs to be done and we cannot do it without putting something on pause.  Any order placed for an XEL or XLD will not be started until 01 September at the earliest!

2. Effective immediately (i.e., all orders placed on or after 02 July 2020), our labor rate for installations and repairs will be $50/hour.  It is taking longer and longer to get builds done and I need to pay people to do the shipping and manufacturing whilst I am working on your machines, so the price has to increase to compensate.  

3. XEL & XLD builds are taking a LONG time to build just because they are so complicated and because they require extensive testing and verification.  An XEL build takes at LEAST 12 hours of non-stop work and is probably closer to 18.  An XLD takes about the same and an XLD I/O ModSystem takes at least 18.  As such, assembly prices will go up as follows:

  • XEL $400 (was $300)
  • XLD $450 (was $350)
  • XLD I/O ModSystem $500 (was $375)

4.  Effective immediately all permanent case modifications will be done at the owner's risk and written release of liability.  Folks,  we take great pride in installing the upgrades we sell in your machines.  We take studious care to make sure that EVERYTHING works before we put it in the box and we shoot videos to demonstrate it in action.  We will never back down from any one of our builds or installations.  We also work to make sure that, should you change your mind, everything is as reversible as possible (Nothing is 100% reversible, be we can come close).  However, with permanent case modifications (e.g., holes drilled in cases to accommodate jacks or ports, painting, modifying plastic to accommodate upgrades, etc), we cannot reverse it.  We have 20 years experience in modifying our cases and customer cases, but sometimes when you are dealing with plastic that is 40+ years old, things fail--despite our best precautions and preparations.  If the unforeseen happens and your case breaks--for whatever reason (prior repairs, old age, doesn't like to be shipped, is afraid off dremels, etc)--we will do our best to repair it, but we cannot replace it for free.  We do have replacements from time to time, but they are a finite supply and, as such, we must charge accordingly.  We understand if that means you will take your installation business elsewhere.  We get it, but we also do not have the resources to guarantee free replacements if your case should break OR you do not like the job we did creating a hole in your case.

5. Effective immediately, we will not reverse any upgrade not installed by The Brewing Academy without a written release of liability. There are a lot of upgrades out there for your favorite console or computer and we want you to make sure you enjoy it for years to come.  However, once an upgrade is made to a machine, it has been compromised in some way.  Yes, that may give you the bestest video/sound/computing power known to humankind, but it also means that you have wrenched on a 40+ year old machine and made it do something it was not originally designed to do.  This is all well and good IF YOU LEAVE well enough alone.  If, however, you want it changed for the latest and greatest, we need to know how to return it to STOCK and then go forward with a new upgrade.  If we did not install it, we do not know what was done to it.  Also, if we do not sell the upgrade, we have NO idea what it does and how to reverse it.  Sure, we could make educated guesses, but then we run the risk of destroying your machine.  We will do our best to do so, but we also cannot afford to be liable if the unknown upgrade did something we have no idea about.  We understand if that means you will take your installation business elsewhere.  We get it, but we also do not have the resources to guarantee free replacements if your upgrade/machine should break.



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