Things are looking up!


The store has undergone another build-up.  We are currently working towards building back stock of everything PLUS we are building some new products for sale:

MIDI for the Atari 8-bit!  That's right, play MIDI files, record MIDI files!  Knock yourself out!

1088XLD:  a 1088 Computer inside of a 1050 case.  MIDI, CompactFlash HDD, PS/2 keyboard & mouse!  All of the things you want in a 1088 at a lower price!

3.5" drives for the Atari 400/800/XL/XE and you do not have to hack an XF551!

New 5.25" drives for your Atari 8-bit!

1050 drive enhancements!

CompactFlash HDD on your XL/XE **without** SiDE2!

All this and more is coming very very soon.

Orders will be slightly delayed next week (22-29 June) whilst I take care of some family business, but we will still be connected to the webs!


Contact me for any questions!


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