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The USPS (United States Postal Service) is in a bad way right now.  We do not mean to demean the folks that deliver the mail, but we need to face facts, they are overloaded and have been for months.  COVID-19, Louis DeJoy, you name it, it has been a rough year for them.  

Why are we saying this?

Because **ANY** package going out to ANY destination via USPS is going to be EXTREMELY delayed.  We expect that Priority mail will take a week plus.  First Class mail will take 2-3 weeks and Media Mail? Fuhgeddaboutit!

SO, what should you do?  We suggest at a minimum that you choose Priority Mail.  It is generally faster and more secure.  Plus it automatically comes with insurance. If not Priority Mail, then select UPS or DHL.

This is NOT to say that UPS/FedEx/DHL are much better, but they generally have a better delivery rate.

If your package is delayed, we will submit a trace for you IF it is more than a week delayed (domestic) or more than 2 months delayed (international).

Please let us know if you have questions!


DECEMBER 24 @ Noon to 0900 PST 31 January 2021

We are going to shut the doors and do a proper inventory and get ahead of building items for the coming year.  If you want something too play with during your holiday break (if you are lucky enough to get one), then you MUST ORDER in time for shipment by 24 December.  All orders taken after 12 Noon on 24 December will be delayed.  

We will still fill them, but not quite as speedily as we usually do!

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