TBA's UNO-2600 Cartridge for Atari 2600 & Atari 7800
TBA's UNO-2600 Cartridge for Atari 2600 & Atari 7800
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TBA's UNO-2600 Cartridge for Atari 2600 & Atari 7800

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The UnoCart -2600 is an Atari cartridge emulator. It supports cartridges with up to 64k of ROM and 32k of RAM. First, copy BIN, ROM or A26 files to an SD card and insert it into the cartridge.  It comes with a printed manual , and is in a 3D printed case with a choice of three professionally printed labels.  It works on PAL & NTSC systems!  It will also run on most 7800 machines (but will not run 7800 ROMs).

If you do not have files to run, consider purchasing TBA's 8gb uSD card for the 2600-UNO!  It has HUNDREDS of files

Update file: https://tinyurl.com/UNO2600Update

Note:  All known retail releases, including SuperCharger files, are known to work.  

NOTA BENE:  We have received reports that SuperCharger files do no load past the first load.  This is a firmware issue that either crept into the subsequent iterations OR it was there from the beginning.  Whichever the case may be, please be aware that, at this time, you should not purchase the 2600 Uno if you are looking to do SuperCharger multi-load games.

Most files, including Pitfall II, runs fine on 99% of systems.  The firmware has been adjusted (we are on version 13) to maker sure of maximum compatibility.  However, someone always seems to find a system it does not like, so there you go.  That being said, we have not had a report of problems since the v13 release in 2019.  Please check the manual for specific details.  However, no guarantee is made as to whether a particular ROM/file will work or not.  

Additionally, some non-standard 2600 Audio/Visual modifications may prevent the UNO-2600 from working.  This does NOT mean your UNO-2600 is defective.  Returns because the UNO-2600 does not work with your A/V modification will result in a re-stocking fee.

Furthermore, as detailed in the manual, the UNO-2600 does not work in *any* system that is not a real 2600 or clone.  For example, the Retron77 is an emulated 2600 on a chip that copies the ROM from your cartridge and runs it on its on board emulator.  This is like most of the new systems including the Atari 2600+. The 2600+ is an emulator on a chip. This is NOT a defect in the UNO-2600.  Returns because the UNO-2600 does not work with your emulation machine will result in a re-stocking fee.

NOTA BENE: This should be obvious, but just in case: "Shell Only, No Label" means exactly that--ONLY A 3D printed shell.  No cartridge, no label, no SD card.  NOTHING BUT A 3D PRINTED SHELL

The creator of the UNO-2600 Cart, Robin Edwards, has been paid a royalty for every cartridge sold. 




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