SD card (16G) for UltraSatan
SD card (16G) for UltraSatan
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SD card (16G) for UltraSatan

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This is a uSD card inside of a full SD adapter.  It has been formatted and prepared for use in your UltraSatan.  It is ready to use if you have ICDPro or HDDRIVER as your Hard Drive program.

Your SD card may look different, but it will be 16Gb and will be prepped for whatever program you select.  It will also include a decent collection of ST files (Productivity, Games, etc)


Let's be clear: You MUST have the HDD program in a bootable format to operate these effectively.  We do NOT provide that software. You should have no problem using these without the software, but in case something happens, you need it on hand.  See the UltraSatan page HERE for more information

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