RGB2HDMI for the Amiga 2000 (Video Cart Slot)
RGB2HDMI for the Amiga 2000 (Video Cart Slot)
RGB2HDMI for the Amiga 2000 (Video Cart Slot)
RGB2HDMI for the Amiga 2000 (Video Cart Slot)
The Brewing Academy

RGB2HDMI for the Amiga 2000 (Video Cart Slot)

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RGBtoHDMI for the Amiga 2000

Folks, this is The Brewing Academy's produced version of the RGB2HDMI video cart slot as designed by "Bloodmosher" who adapted the work done by "hoglet67"  You can, of course, make your own by sending your browser to HERE

The TBA version comes complete with EVERYTHING you need to have HDMI out on your Amiga 2000.  All you need is an HDMI cable to connect to your monitor/telvision/amplifier and you are good to go.

If you have a Raspberry Pi Zero with headers already and a uSD card with the software, you can purchase the "Without RaspPiZero" version.

Installation is simple:

  1. Turn OFF your Amiga 2000 
  2. Unscrew the cover to your video slot on your Amiga2000.  
  3. Remove cover and set aside screws
  4. Place this card in the slot.  
  5. Re-insert the screws you removed in step 1.
  6. Connect HDMI cable from television/monitor/amplifier to the new HDMI port on your Amiga2000.
  7. Turn on your Amiga 2000. NOTE: Your regular video/rgb port will function as normal

From the RGBtoHDMI Wiki

The RGBtoHDMI interface converts the "digital" RGB video signal from the BBC Micro or Electron to HDMI compatible with most modern TV/Monitors. The interface comprises a Raspberry Pi Zero and a specially designed Hat containing a small CPLD. Custom firmware on the Raspberry Pi, in conjunction with the CPLD, is able to correctly sample each of the Beeb's video modes to give a pixel-perfect rendition.

For more information, see the project Wiki.

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